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Strategic Packaging Design

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What We Offer

luxury rigid boxes for so many purposes. One of the main and favourite features is to use it as a gifting box. We know that unique and mesmerising packaging is always necessary to express your love to your loved ones. When we send gifts to our friends, the first thing which appeals to them is the packaging. For this purpose, almost everyone wants such packaging that will represent their gifts in the most mesmeric way. Therefore, printed packaging boxes by our company are the best for this.

At our company, we offer luxury Gift Boxes that are the most suitable and the flourishing choices for pleasing your loved ones. These boxes have different varieties that will make your task easy for choosing the best gift packaging for wrapping or sending your gifts to your loved ones. Our boxes have the marvellous designs and themes according to special events and occasions that gratify the eyes of the recipient.

Creative boxes

Most packaging materials have a rectangular design. The Cantobox lets you be more creative with your design, however. Here, you can see some examples of unique designs we can produce for you.

We can also punch designs out of the box’s lid. This creates a surprising effect, because it allows your audience to see some of the contents of the box even before opening it.

Counting_Dominoes_B_006 copy.jpg


We usually use greyboard: a material that is made entirely of recycled paper. The thickness can vary from 1.25 mm* to 3 mm* ( * the thickness depends of the type and quality of the material).
In many cases, the cardboard is covered in printing on two sides, so it hardly matters what colour the underlying material is. If the final product still shows the cardboard itself, we can use e.g. All Black or All White. These are types of cardboard that have been thoroughly coloured.

If you are looking for a truly unique packaging, you can also consider our collections from the passe-partout range, which include some truly amazing colours and structures.

Note that not all types of cardboard can be processed in our Cantobox machine. It is therefore advisable to contact your Cantobox® dealer to discuss your idea and the possibilities.