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Premium Packaging

Premium Packaging can be a strategic sales tool used creatively in many ways. The humble “box” can be created to have extremely intricate designs and engineered to appeal to any target user or a group of users. It can be used to command attention by simply being attractive or repel competition by its innate complexity. Packaging of products in premium boxes will always have substantially higher dividends in the long run. Many large companies package their products in high quality tactile, textured packaging to enhance their appeal. When done correctly, it can shield the contents and propel its marketing purposes. Premium packaging that goes over and beyond the norm presents consumers with a high recall value. Customers will remember the brand and think extremely high of it, due to the growing demand for luxury goods and the increasing competition for niche markets.



Premium Packaging helps to place your products in highly secure boxes with foams designed to house its elements intact. Especially in the premium packaging boxes, there are unlimited features that will improve not just the external look of the box, but impact the highly treasured “unboxing experience”. Customising a simple rigid box with additional features like Logo embossing or debossing, UV printing or Gold Foil stamping will change the look of the box into a very premium category. As you may dream, it is possible to get all the features in a single box- limited by just a slight increase in costs and manufacturing time. Premium packaging can be used for so many purposes. One of the trending styles today is to use it as a gifting box. All of us know how unique and mesmerizing packaging always is, to express your love to your loved ones.

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Packaging Ideas

Do you need your brand to stand out in the market? Luxury packaging is definitely the best choice for your packaging. Our team can suggest the best possible options for your box to outdo your competition with ease and simplicity. Your product will be guaranteed to be the star of the unboxing adventure when you get Luxury Packaging. But remember, your box also needs to be crafted perfectly to reflect your brand’s quality. In the luxury packaging process, it is guaranteed to be perfect with all options you may have chosen. If you need world-class packaging for your goods, then LRB is the best option for you.

Our Services

          Luxury Rigid box (LRB) India, we hold ourselves to the highest standard and believe in full transparency within our team and with our customers. For that reason, our production process includes many rigorous practices and procedures to ensure the end result is the best it can possibly be. Take a look at our key features below.

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What We Offer?

Strategic Packaging Design

Strategically formulated solutions that bring enterprise level packaging to the table. Save on costs, and improve brand recognition through advice from our packaging experts.

Luxury Rigid Boxes for so many purposes. One of the main and favourite features is to use it as a gifting box. We know that unique and mesmerising packaging is always necessary to express your love to your loved ones. When we send gifts to our friends, the first thing which appeals to them is the packaging. For this purpose, almost everyone wants such packaging that will represent their gifts in the most mesmeric way. Therefore, printed packaging boxes by our company are the best for this.

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Creative Packaging Boxes

At our company, we offer luxury Gift Boxes that are the most suitable and the flourishing choices for pleasing your loved ones. These boxes have different varieties that will make your task easy for choosing the best gift packaging for wrapping or sending your gifts to your loved ones. Our boxes have the marvellous designs and themes according to special events and occasions that gratify the eyes of the recipient.

Most packaging materials have a rectangular design. The Cantobox lets you be more creative with your design, however. Here, you can see some examples of unique designs we can produce for you. We can also punch designs out of the box’s lid. This creates a surprising effect, because it allows your audience to see some of the contents of the box even before opening it.

Customer Obsession

Our customers are our reason for existence. With unwavering commitment and focus, we start with the customer in every decision and action we make. We continuously strive for the highest efficiency and effectiveness in all of our business processes and functions. One success is another beginning. Success without integrity is a failure. We either do things the right way or not do it at all. We uphold the highest standards that earns us trust in everything we do.

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